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Increase airline profitability with Passenger Sales Audit

When airlines mistakenly under-collect from sales, exchanges and refunds, they are leaving millions of dollars on the table. Often, airlines neglect these sources and lose valuable revenue.

Every year, our passenger sales audit identifies over USD 180 million in recoverable revenue. That’s why more than 70 airlines trust us to deliver comprehensive audits. Our specialists raise accurate ADMs that reduce agency disputes and prevent revenue loss. Airlines earn a better reputation and more revenue.

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Improve profitability and maximize revenue recovery

A passenger sales audit can be transformational for your airline. We audit tickets, refunds, exchanges and miscellaneous documents while identifying fare, commission and tax errors. Through these channels, we discover recoverable revenues and directly improve profits, even going as far to educate travel agents on mistakes.

Run a better airline with an enhanced reputation

Enhance your reputation with a passenger sales audit. We’ll help you raise accurate ADMs, reduce your disputes and avoid any negative impacts to your business. To ensure quality, we respond to all disputes by travel agents within five working days (often through BSPlink or email).