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Accelya Platform Services

Enable business value with our services – delivered via a powerful combination of industry-leading platforms and airline finance expertise.

Unlock the power of platform services and drive business transformation. We harness our market-leading platforms, robust business processes, and a team of airline-focused finance experts to deliver our tailored service package.

Our solution

Industry’s leading finance experts at your service

Holistic financial management

Our platforms and services go hand-in-hand so that you can focus on your business - leaving system management, process optimization, and delivery challenges to us.

Proven ‘platform services’ approach

We’re the largest go-to-partner for airlines globally who trust us for our leading platforms and unparalleled knowledge in airline finance.

Driving your transformation

For decades, we’ve been driving airline innovation. From partnering with industry bodies such as IATA to creating strategic financial solutions, we are enabling airline finance. Our unique ‘platform plus services model’ ensures that you experience these transformations and industry best practices early on, without any additional investment.

High-performance finance

We rely on our people, process transformation, and continuous product feedback to bring you the highest quality of finance services at perfect price points.

Our solutions

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