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Order Reconciliation

Choose our industry-leading Order Reconciliation solution for a seamless transition to a world of next-gen retailing.

Efficiently incorporate new offers and orders into your settlement processes, and reconcile across third parties without revenue leakage. Now your reconciliation efforts can get retailing-ready.

How we help

Meeting your needs

Our Order Reconciliation solution empowers you to reconcile and settle every order item with the highest levels of accuracy and speed. Maximize your revenue and ensure financial integrity as you transition to a retailing world.

Get greater control

Our fully automated solution provides accurate reconciliation, prevents revenue leakage and ensures financial integrity from order to settlement.

Experience increased flexibility

Easily settle your orders by connecting with any Order Management System (OMS), ERP, airline or non-airline financial and invoicing systems.

Cover every need

We support all your reconciliation needs across sales and orders, including ‘service-line level’ reconciliation with your third parties.

Option to outsource

Explore our outsourcing services, customizable to your reconciliation needs. We combine our market-leading platforms, proven business processes, and commitment to service delivery with a team of financial experts – to settle your revenue accurately and consistently.

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Why Accelya?

Count on us

We simplify financial processes for over 100 airlines globally, empowering them to settle their transactions with ease.

All about airlines

We’re IATA certified as an NDC and ONE Order capable accounting provider, and we’re also ‘Settlement with Orders’ (SwO) compliant. With our industry-leading capabilities, we’re dedicated to airline transformation.

Change with confidence

Evolve your front-end processes with the confidence of complete transaction traceability. Our accurate revenue accounting and reconciliation solutions deliver data seamlessly across your financial lifecycle, driving precision and control.

All-round expertise

Combining our offer to settlement solution portfolio with deep domain expertise, we fully support all of your critical financial processes.

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In 2020, IATA estimated the industry lost more than $118 billion, with losses expected to continue in 2021.



Typically held in the heart of London, this year’s T2RL PSS 2020 conference took place virtually on 4 – 5 November.

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Spot more ways to innovate

Order Reconciliation solution is part of a complete platform that puts airlines in control of their retailing strategy. Discover where you should focus your next move.


Give your customers the great deals they’re looking for with our innovative solutions, whether you’re starting with merchandising and dynamic pricing or going for total offer optimization.


Take control of all of your channels and streamline the flow of information across the airline business with our comprehensive Order solutions.


Manage the complexity of next-gen retailing while continuing business as usual with our hybrid approach, enabling you to seamlessly account and reconcile your financial operations.