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Delve into in-depth analysis with our whitepapers. These detailed documents provide authoritative and comprehensive research on critical issues, technologies, and trends in the aviation and travel industry.


Latest Whitepapers

Whitepaper – NDC is here to stay

Top tier airlines have set the pace and established many of the necessary processes, laying the foundations on which other, smaller airlines may build their NDC strategies. This report by T2RL for Accelya explores how NDC is here to stay by analyzing its current status.

Offer and Order – Moving from Concept to Design

This essential guide is perfect for airlines looking to scale up and leverage technology for their transformation to Offer and Order in the years ahead.
Download the whitepaper to dive deeper into the future of airline retailing and discover how to drive impactful change.

Airlines: A Path Back to Profitability

In 2020, IATA estimated the industry lost more than $118 billion, with losses expected to continue in 2021.