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Order Management

NDC has ushered in a transformational new era for airlines. It’s time to speed the change with retail-centric orders.

NDC standards sparked retailing innovation, but downstream challenges continue to hold you back. Legacy systems and diverse data formats stop the free movement of customers’ trip information from offer to settlement. Retail-centric orders are the solution.

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Meeting your needs

We’re freeing airlines from managing diverse trip data across the business and delivery ecosystem. Complying with ONE Order standards, our Order Management solution reduces operational overhead, streamlines customer experiences, and enables the industry to take its next transformational leap.

Create operational efficiencies

By collapsing trip information into a single retail-centric and customer-focused order, we eliminate inefficient processes and costs. A ONE Order compliant Order Management System (OMS) orchestrates the flow of information freely from offer to settlement.

Put customers first

Give customers a friction-free experience – even if they need to change their booking with the airline merchant or interline partners. We provide access to a single customer-centric order at any retailing or service touchpoint.

Unlock airline retailing

Simplify back-office operations to cater for innovative products. Orders make it easier for finance and delivery services to accommodate new ancillary offers and dynamic pricing. Alignment with ONE Order standards means you can collaborate seamlessly with retailing partners.

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Why Accelya?

Count on us

We know how to use the power of standardization to transform the industry and have a technology footprint that spans offer to settlement. Our leading-edge will deliver you rapid value from order management.

Leaders for change

As NDC pioneers, we’re leading the way to retailing transformation with order management. Our industry expertise means we take standards and make them work for airlines in the real-world.

End-to-end technology and expertise

Our end-to-end platform covers the technology you need from offer to settlement. Our expert, holistic approach enables us to fully unlock the order management opportunity across your business, including accounting operations.

Well-connected experts

We're integration experts, connecting you to the systems and partners you rely on to run your business. We will ensure your order management implementation includes all the necessary players, including partner airlines and operational services, so you realize your retailing vision.

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In 2020, IATA estimated the industry lost more than $118 billion, with losses expected to continue in 2021.



Accelya has today announced the arrival recently of Tye Radcliffe as Vice President of Product Strategy, focusing on NDC, One Order and Payments.

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Order Management solution is part of a complete platform that puts airlines in control of their retailing strategy. Discover where you should focus your next move.


Give your customers the great deals they’re looking for with our innovative solutions, whether you’re starting with merchandising and dynamic pricing or going for total offer optimization.


Take control of all of your channels and streamline the flow of information across the airline business with our comprehensive Order solutions.


Manage the complexity of next-gen retailing while continuing business as usual with our hybrid approach, enabling you to seamlessly account and reconcile your financial operations.