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Airline Industry Solutions

For more than 40 years, we’ve been the industry’s partner for change, simplifying airline financial and commercial processes.

We’ve been innovating and transforming the airline industry for decades. From partnering with IATA on industry-wide initiatives to creating strategic solutions that simplify airline processes, we’re always driving the airline industry forward.

Why Accelya

What we’ve achieved

We combine pioneering technology with industry expertise to help airlines stay ahead of the game.

⅔ of the BSP world covered

$85bn worth of BSP transactions per year

Largest BSP data processing center

99% on-time settlement

100% secure and automated

>99% accuracy as the industry’s best proration engine

what we do

How we help the industry

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Billing and Settlement Platform (BSP)


Whenever you make a BSP transaction or access the BSPlink, you’re probably using our technology as we power two-thirds of the world’s BSP processes.

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Our partnership with IATA started with the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), simplifying and automating the exchange of data and funds between travel agents and airlines.

We also power BSPlink, IATA’s comprehensive distribution platform for the BSP community. This has pioneered the automated transfer of data in a secure environment, delivering airlines’ account receivables in a single financial transfer.

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Commission Management


We power IATA’s upfront incentive management service, empowering airlines to manage and instantly pay agent commissions through the BSP.

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Simply define your incentive strategy and transmit your offer in any format (via CRM, API, or email) – our solution takes care of the rest.

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Neutral Fare Proration (NFP)


We provide the industry’s most accurate NFP (Neutral Fare Proration) engine. It’s the backbone of the First & Final Billing service, which we jointly offer with ATPCO.

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Through NFP, we help airlines reduce the cost of interline operations, deliver billing information within 24 hours of receipt of sales data (sales-based proration), and support billing information based on lifted coupons. By reducing the manual processes associated with interline billing, airlines can eliminate the costly maintenance of an in-house proration engine.

Our proven proration capabilities power our Order Accounting solution, ready to meet your current revenue accounting demands while supporting your move to a retail-centric world.

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Simplified Invoicing and Settlement (SIS)


We’ve been IATA's primary SIS technology partner, managing the platform since 2009.

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SIS standardizes, facilitates, and expedites interline billing and settlement, using just one e-invoicing standard. It covers more than a million invoices annually with a value of over $70 billion. Through SIS, we simplify financial processes including reconciliation, and connect airline business partners on a single platform. This saves airlines and agents as much as 2% on operating expenses, adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars each year.


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Set off on your journey to friction-free retailing from offer to settlement. With our unmatched flexibility, the path to retailing independence is on your terms.


Give your customers the great deals they’re looking for with our innovative solutions, whether you’re starting with merchandising and dynamic pricing or going for total offer optimization.


Take control of all of your channels and streamline the flow of information across the airline business with our comprehensive Order solutions.


Manage the complexity of next-gen retailing while continuing business as usual with our hybrid approach, enabling you to seamlessly account and reconcile your financial operations.