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Order Accounting

Built on our leading revenue accounting and proration solutions, Accelya Order Accounting makes your retailing future a reality.

Accounting plays a key role in delivering you to an era of offers and orders. But how can your finance team reconcile new ways with backend operations – while doing business-as-usual? A hybrid approach is the answer.

How we help

Meeting your needs

Accelya Order Accounting enables you to robustly meet your current revenue accounting demands and supports your move to a retail-centric world of new offers and simplified orders – all on your timeline.

Business continuity

Our hybrid approach enables you to continue your existing revenue accounting processes, while you smoothly transition to the world of offers and orders. Your IT operations won't be significantly impacted, minimizing change management and maximizing your peace of mind.

Transformation made simple

Our open, flexible solution adapts to your unique needs, supporting process transformation across the transaction lifecycle. Order Accounting is part of our integrated platform, creating seamless harmony between your front and back-end processes.


We have designed our technology to support both your immediate and long-term goals. We'll help you move, grow and adapt, as you transform your business at your pace.

Option to outsource

Explore our outsourcing services, customizable to your accounting needs. We combine our market-leading platforms, proven business processes, and commitment to service delivery with a team of financial experts – to settle your revenue accurately and consistently.

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Why Accelya?

Count on us

With the most comprehensive airline revenue accounting solution in the market, we’re leading the way. We know how to get you retailing-ready, without the risk.

Dedicated to the airline domain

We are laser-focused on driving the airline industry forward. We've invested in our market-leading Revenue Accounting solution and the industry's most accurate proration capabilities, to deliver on the order accounting needs of your airline.

Pioneers in airline accounting

We're IATA certified as an NDC and ONE Order Capable accounting provider, with a wealth of experience delivering accounting solutions for traditional, ticketless, and order-based models.

End-to-end expertise

Our portfolio of solutions and expertise support your processes from the time you create the offer until the revenue is settled.

Our customers

Achieving more together

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In 2020, IATA estimated the industry lost more than $118 billion, with losses expected to continue in 2021.



Accelya has today announced the arrival recently of Tye Radcliffe as Vice President of Product Strategy, focusing on NDC, One Order and Payments.

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Spot more ways to innovate

Order Accounting solution is part of a complete platform that puts airlines in control of their retailing strategy. Discover where you should focus your next move.


Give your customers the great deals they’re looking for with our innovative solutions, whether you’re starting with merchandising and dynamic pricing or going for total offer optimization.


Take control of all of your channels and streamline the flow of information across the airline business with our comprehensive Order solutions.


Manage the complexity of next-gen retailing while continuing business as usual with our hybrid approach, enabling you to seamlessly account and reconcile your financial operations.