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Perform accurate, timely and complete passenger revenue accounting

For airlines, accurate and timely revenue declaration is of the utmost importance. And with so many moving pieces, add-ons and last-minute sales, creating actionable intelligence and forecasting for stakeholders can be a challenge.

Accelya takes passenger revenue accounting to the next level with real-time processing and enhanced workflows. We deliver 99% accurate revenues within 24 hours of receipt of data, thus ensuring your stakeholders feel confident in your projections. Furthermore, our solution gives you access our global revenue accounting user community and the strategic direction of SPG (Strategic Product Group)—our product governance group composed of key user airline members.

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Leverage a next-level, holistic strategy

Access a single source of revenue information to manage your revenue portfolio and drive dynamic decisions by offering real-time, strategic MIS to your stakeholders. Whether passenger, cargo or airmail, our platform encompasses the spectrum of all airline revenue.

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Maximize productivity with automated workflows

Automate 98% of all your processes. Distributed processing across your head office and stations facilitates data quality and correction at the source so you can maximize productivity and transparency. With its browser-based interface, learning and adopting a new solution takes no time at all. Plus, you can access the skills and knowledge of airline revenue accounting experts through on-demand or fixed services while maintaining complete control.

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Remain agile with managed processing services

Our passenger revenue accounting solution is available as a hosted platform and is maintained according to best-in-class service-level agreements (SLAs). This facilitates faster access and deployment of upgrades, and minimizes dependencies on multiple IT vendors. Our pay-per-use model reduces your upfront investment and maximizes business value.

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