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Streamline your interline revenue accounting

IATA’s SIS mandate has added a new layer of complexity to interline revenue accounting. Airline revenue managers already contend with systems that do not quickly adapt to industry changes. And now, they must account for quick and accurate interline revenues through SIS.

Accelya's Interline solution aims to simplify interline processes for airlines. By connecting all airline revenue accounting and financial systems, it streamlines the process and takes advantage of the opportunities offered by SIS. Plus, it’s powered by the highly endorsed, highly accurate APEX proration platform.


Stay compliant

Accelya Interline was designed to follow industry best practices, including compliance with all mandated practices and initiatives (including SIS). It also supports the specific requirements for groups such as Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team.


Increase productivity while reducing costs

Accelya Interline's automated workflows liberate your staff to focus on other work. Likewise, because the platform is pay-per-use, you use it only when you need it. This cuts down on licensing and infrastructure while tech updates are delivered for free. All in all, you save on your bottom line