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Streamline your ground handling billing with FinesseGH

Without automated service recording and billing, ground handlers lose 15–20% of revenue generated through additional services and charges. The highly manual work increases service-to-invoice cycle times and rejection percentages, thus resulting in reduced cash flow. As ground handling becomes more complex, you need to enforce more stringent financial controls.

FinesseGH’s automated platform helps ground handlers overcome many of these operational (and financial) challenges. It creates a central repository of all customer and rack contracts, enabling auto-pricing of services. And because the platform seamlessly integrates into any airport system, you can easily track all flights to be serviced while managing SLAs and resources. This means easier processes and more satisfied customers.

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Improve cash flow while preventing revenue leakage

With FinesseGH, your pricing is more accurate, you face fewer rejections and your payments come in faster. Everything is streamlined and lightning fast. With built-in alerts, you’ll never miss billing for a scheduled flight (or cancellation/delay charges are applied). You’re also blocked from ensuing billings for additional services or ad hoc flights.


Reduce labor costs

We automate billing and data capture, thus eliminating the need for human labor. We also handle automated account derivation and posting, which means less worry coding accounts in ERP. Plus, we can easily integrate into your legacy flight operations systems, thereby saving you time and effort.