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Analyze and prevent GDS cost leakage with BIDT Audit & Intelligence

No airline wants to pay an extra 4% on its GDS bill because of unnecessary booking costs, but often, that’s exactly what happens. Due to abuses such as churning, inactive segments, duplicate segments, and fictitious bookings, airlines are losing valuable sales opportunities.

We built three dynamic services, BIDT Audit, BIDT Intelligence and GDS Invoice Validation, to protect you from these abuses. By taking a deep-dive into analytics and focusing on controlling distribution costs, we help airlines design a smarter distribution strategy. This means educating travel agents to avoid malpractice, penalizing abuses with better booking policies, and verifying GDS invoices and preventing cost leakage.

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Educate and evaluate travel agents

You want your travel agents working for you. Using BIDT Audit, highlight unproductive bookings and inventory abuse by agents, and teach them how to avoid future mistakes.

Control your distribution costs

Armed with BIDT Intelligence, you can figure out where your main GDS costs and booking abuses are hiding. We offer you detailed reports that will help you to decipher airline booking costs, abuses and productivity across sources and time. This lets you make strategic, financial decisions.