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Get control over your commercial waivers to prevent revenue leakage

It’s amazing how little control airlines have over waivers. Their volume and value are often dictated by external factors, and they are often skipped over during audits. Ultimately, waivers can lead to significant revenue leakage and issues with commercial practices.

Our Waivers Management solution helps you retake control and prevent revenue leakage. Waive a specific rule instead of the whole document, thus ensuring that all other rules are checked during an audit. And access a complete view of your operational and commercial waivers, including volumes, amounts, causes, dates, stations and authorized personnel.

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Take control of your waivers

Set maximum waiver allowances from the get-go. Start a conversation with employees and build a culture of waiver control. Track the volume of waivers by setting criteria (such as reasons, dates, stations and authorized personnel). That way, you can track your waiver output and create better strategies going forward. 

Eliminate waiver processing errors

Under our platform, waivers are logged only once all information has been provided. That way, we can be sure that only the correct documents are waived and that the appropriate authorize is identified.