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Rethink airline refund management with Mozart

With the advent of social media, satisfied customers mean more now than ever. When things go wrong, airline refunds need to be distributed intelligently and swiftly or you risk losing a customer (and future customers) forever. The problem is, most airlines manage refunds in a fractured way, without clear SLAs and passenger updates.

Mozart is a complete refund management service for airlines, delivered through a combination of proprietary tools, robust processes and expert staff. Not only does it allow for a centralized platform for distributing refunds, but it also allows you to give real-time, transparent updates to passengers via email and text messages. This, in turn, leads to more satisfied and loyal customers.

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Serve happier customers across all channels

Mozart processes refunds as per SLAs with airlines, in real time with regular alerts across multiple channels. The platform can handle results from all channels, including travel agents, internet, airlines, sales offices, call centers and help desks. It even seamlessly integrates with your website so that passengers can apply for refunds themselves.

Simplify and standardize your refunds

We’ve standardized the airline refund policy across countries and sources (e.g., the internet, travel agents—including requests through BSPlink—airline sales offices, call centers and help desks). In doing so, our global set of rules keeps things consistent and controlled. Everything is handled in accordance with airline policies.