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FinesseMBS: Take control your non-transport revenue

Non-transport and miscellaneous billing accounts for 8%–10% of airline revenue for network carriers. This revenue stream is particularly important for airlines because it is recession-proof and has stable margins. But there’s often no standardization for this channel, which hurts airline profitability and cash flow.

FinesseMBS is a simple, SIS-compliant platform that streamlines all airline miscellaneous receivables and payables. Using a single, integrated invoicing and settlement process, it improves productivity by reducing manual work, increasing invoicing speed and minimizing errors and revenue leakage.

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Standardize your billing (while staying SIS-compliant)

Automate your invoicing and settlement process across all business units. This means saving money (with fewer errors) and saving time (with faster invoicing). Of course, it is all compliant with IATA’s SIS standards for inward and outward billing, and has the flexibility to accommodate future changes.


Tailor modules and processes to your business needs

We give you the option to implement individual modules, such as inward billing or outward billing. Or, if you want, you can choose engines such as workflow, accounting and contract management, and customize them according to your unique requirements.