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Streamline and accelerate your airline chargeback processes with VIVALDI

Chargebacks and payment disputes are a growing concern for airlines. With rising cases of fraud; multiple, disconnected information sources; manual processing that’s prone to errors; and paper-based communication, the risk of late or incomplete responses has never been greater. This means revenue loss, reduced control and a waste of valuable resource time and effort. 

We developed VIVALDI Chargeback Management as a dynamic, outsourced service that centralizes your airline’s chargeback process in a single, consolidated space. With an automated and advanced dispute  prioritization system, in line with contracts and card schemes, you will never miss a response deadline again. Overall, we streamline the process to enhance quality control, while keeping everything PCI DSS-compliant, so you know we are processing according to the highest industry standards.

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Improve your productivity

Our automated service means minimizing manual input and data gathering by your teams. When we reduce the effort you need to make, you’ll see far fewer errors, and your team will be free to focus on more strategic initiatives, without the burden of unnecessary manual data entry. 

Improve the quality of your processes

With VIVALDI Chargeback module in place, you can implement stronger processing controls, thus giving you a more robust workflow and a higher-quality output. You can even set multiple-level user profiles for greater internal control and optimization.  With immediate results viewable via an online dashboard and statistical reports available via real-time download, you remain in control of the process at all times, maximising the effectiveness of the decisions that you take.