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Simplify your card payments and billing with VIVALDI CardClear

When it comes to airline passengers, payments are becoming increasingly fragmented and complicated. Various credit cards and payment methods from different countries with different regulations and banks all add up to a fractured system. Without a single, consolidated platform, revenue loss, fraud and inefficiency are commonplace.

To simplify things, we’ve built VIVALDI CardClear. It consolidates processes across the globe, thus ensuring payments are centralized in the right currencies through the right acquirers. Enjoy daily billing and settlements of all card types, under a single platform trusted by more than 160 airlines worldwide

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Access a standardized, pay-as-you-go platform

Centralize funds through your selected acquirers in the currency of your choice, which results in easier payment processing. You have the option to work with transaction-based pricing so that you don’t have to invest in systems, training, upgrades or customization.

Explore dynamic clearing and acquirer load balancing for airlines

Prevent revenue leakage while reducing cost and time to cash

With VIVALDI CardClear, you start saving from day one. The platform standardizes accounting practices, giving you more control against fraud and revenue leakage. Meanwhile, its automated processes and network connectivity save you the time required to maintain relationships with local acquirers and teams in multiple countries, thus freeing resources and reducing cost. With timely billing, the sale-to-cash cycle is significantly shortened, giving you your money, in your bank account.

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