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Get on the fast track to rail profitability with railRM

The growth of high-speed rail lines has made rail companies competitive with airlines. But traditional revenue models are still keeping rail companies from speeding past the competition. It’s time for a new model.

railRM replaces traditional distance-based pricing methods with innovative price optimization techniques. Using intelligent algorithms, railRM improves expected revenues by seat, segment and route, and optimizes inventory capacity in real time according to demand. With such advanced forecasting and analysis tools at your disposal, you can execute a more dynamic, predictive strategy.

Experience dynamic cabin support

railRM eliminates conventional static approaches to capacity and fare management, providing you with dynamic cabin support. This lets you control the capacities of multiple cabins, thus producing real revenue gains. And with fare comparison tools, you can leverage knowledge of your competitors’ rates to present your customers with attractive offers.

Utilize O&D revenue management

To maximize revenue, you need a way to analyze market demand in real time. With railRM, build a forecast of expected future booking activity for every O&D using demand forecasting and price sensitivity analysis. This allows you to optimize revenues from market demand. Then, customize your settings to capitalize on price points for specific departures, and implement a flagging system with more than 30 exception types for specific route departures.