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Cargo order accounting

Account, invoice, settle and reconcile your financial operations with the industry’s leading Cargo Order Accounting solution.

Between evolving business models and innovative products, cargo financial operations are becoming far more complex. Without proper monitoring, you could lose significant revenue potential. We’re the partner that protects your revenue at every step of the way.

How we help

Meeting your needs

Our Cargo Order Accounting solution puts you in control of your financial operations from offer to settlement. By providing quick and accurate accounting for your unique business needs, we’ll accelerate your revenue realization and improve cash flow.

Maximize revenue at speed

Automate your entire settlement process, making it easier to account for every item - from the time of booking to delivery. Greater efficiency also delivers early revenue realization and improved cash flow.

Achieve financial integrity

Accurately create and close your financial statements and confidently reconcile your operations with industry leading accounting capabilities.

Be future-ready

Want a more holistic picture of your operations? Get real-time visibility into your receivables from your booking to settlement and payments, so you’re always informed and ready for the future.

Option to Outsource


Explore our outsourcing services, customizable to your accounting needs. We combine our market-leading platforms, proven business processes, and commitment to service delivery with a team of financial experts – to settle your revenue accurately and consistently.

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Why Accelya?

Count on us

We’re leading the way with the most accurate and integrated cargo revenue accounting solution on the market. We provide a comprehensive and reliable cargo finance platform, suited to your needs.

Air cargo-focused

We have a wealth of knowledge in cargo order accounting. Our standard ‘out-of-the-box’ features allow quick integration with all airline operational and financial systems, as well as industry platforms such as SIS, CASS and PayCargo, rapidly launching and scaling your business strategy.

Integration delivered

Our portfolio of cargo solutions has the capability to support your cargo business, from the time you create an offer until the settlement of revenue. Consistent data between commercial and financial systems will boost your revenue and profitability.

Powerful insights

Combining our cargo and passenger order accounting platforms, we’re able to provide more powerful insights for your competitive edge.

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In 2020, IATA estimated the industry lost more than $118 billion, with losses expected to continue in 2021.



Accelya has today announced the arrival recently of Tye Radcliffe as Vice President of Product Strategy, focusing on NDC, One Order and Payments.

Our solutions

Spot more ways to innovate

Cargo Order Accounting is part of a complete platform that puts airlines in control of their cargo digitization strategy. Discover where you should focus your next move.

Offer & Order

Start here to meet your customers’ evolving demands. Create and launch specialized offers at optimized prices, distribute across channels and track your orders across the lifecycle.

Operate & Fulfil

Start here to streamline your operations networkwide and at terminals, and to fulfil the promises you make to your customers – confidently, efficiently and reliably.

Invoice & Settle

Start here to accurately invoice, account for, settle and reconcile revenue for your cargo, while establishing financial controls you can count on.