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Maximize your profitability with Cargo Sales Audit

When it comes to air cargo operations, there are many moving parts and plenty of room for error. Missing information, incorrect rates, discrepancies in weight and volume, incorrect fuel and security charges: All of these can lead to substantial revenue losses each year.

With our Cargo Sales Audit, we can help you recover up to 1% of your entire AWB (air waybill) value—the highest level of recoverables in the industry—including unreported or unbilled sales. We’ll also help you rethink your upstream processes to avoid cargo revenue loss in the future. And of course, we tailor every implementation to the specific needs of your airline. 

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See your operations clearly

It’s more than an audit. We give you a clearer picture of where your air cargo systems are losing money due to inefficiency. Discover trends, the impact of policy changes, and how new rates and deals could revolutionize your air cargo processes.

Improve profitability while maximizing revenue

Our goal is to help you build more accurate and automated processes. Not only does this save you time and reduce errors, but it also results in more profits and less leakage in the future. You win no matter how you look at it.

Reduce operations costs

Save on back-office work with an air cargo audit. We’ll take care of administrative tasks such as identifying malpractice so you can focus on running your air cargo systems at maximum efficiency.