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Reimagining distribution landscapes, with George Bryan, Hawaiian Airlines

Earlier this year, Accelya announced that we are powering Hawaiian Airlines’ market-first distribution strategy. Hawaiian will encourage the use of its NDC-based direct connect solution called ‘HA Connect’ by withdrawing some content from legacy channels and imposing a surcharge for travel agents shopping on legacy.

We sat down with George Bryan, Hawaiian Airline’s Senior Director of Distribution, to learn more about the US carrier’s ongoing transformation journey.

NDC always gets me excited. I love to talk about it, and after spending so many years of working to get the platform up and running, now is the exciting time of actually getting to work with our partners, revenue management, and our revenue analytics folks”, George Bryan, Senior Director for Distribution, Hawaiian Airlines.

Watch the video below.

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Now I am Accelya’s new Chief Executive Officer. I am incredibly humbled and excited to take the helm of this company looking to change up the retailing opportunity for airlines and the wider industry. So, it feels right to open the next chapter of the Air Transformation Lab. I am calling this chapter “Where Are You?”. Because an airline’s journey can have many starting points. The route can take various turns along the way, but the destination is the same. It’s end-to-end retailing transformation.



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