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Airline Voice Radio podcast episode 11: Who would want to go back to a non-smartphone? Neil Geurin, American Airlines

Fearghal O'Connell - April 12, 2022

Accelya CEO, Jim Davidson, starts a new Airline Voice Radio season called “Reaching New Heights” where he invites airline digital leaders to explore retailing transformation from various vantage points to inspire the industry’s journey ahead. In this season premiere, Jim chats with Neil Geurin, Managing Director of Digital Customer Experience and Distribution Strategy at American Airlines.

So, where is American Airlines on its retailing transformation journey? Its starting point is to simplify interactions with the customers to match, and eventually outdo, their purchasing and servicing experience with other successful retailing companies.

“If we keep changing for the better consistently, sooner or later we’ll get to a point where we feel really good about what we’re offering to customers, and they’ll feel good about how they’re interacting with us.”, Neil Geurin, American Airlines.

In this episode, you’ll hear that:

  • The industry has to move with the changing times and develop fresh, new technology that customers want to interact with.
  • When customers get used to technological advances, they can’t and won’t snap back to how things were before the pandemic. After all, who would go back to using a non-smartphone after years of enjoying the latest mobile technology?
  • Outdated technology and complex processes are holding the industry back. Legacy spaghetti is no longer the plat du jour, and airlines are rethinking their sales and servicing processes to simplify them and accelerate the change.

We hope you enjoy this first episode in the “Reaching New Heights” season. We have some great airline leaders lined up for future podcasts, so stay tuned.

Airline Voice Radio is available on your favorite podcast player such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Thank you for your interest in the Air Transformation Lab. This new chapter on retailing transformation includes podcasts, thought-leadership blogs, and customer testimonials that will inspire your journey ahead.


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