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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 02: Corporate Travel and Collaboration with Tony D’Astolfo

In the previous episode of Airline Voice Radio, special guest Xavier Lagardere, Head of Distribution at Lufthansa Group, caught up with Jim Davidson to chat about Continuous Pricing. But, the conversation didn’t stop there. From finding the energy needed for success, to delivering a ‘milestone’ project in the middle of a pandemic, Jim and Xavier went on to reveal some fascinating insights from behind the doors of industry leadership.

In case you missed it, the podcast remains available here.

Episode 02 of this series of podcasts is now live. In this episode, Tony D’Astolfo, Senior Vice President, North America, at Serko, sits down with long-time friend and industry colleague, Jim to discuss the importance of Corporate Travel. During the course of the interview, we hear Tony and Jim’s views on what it will take to bring the industry back to profitability. That is, all the players need to set competition to one side, collaborate, and play their part.

Listen to this new episode and find out more about:

  • How to encourage business travelers to take to the skies again
  • The critical role that partnerships will play in recovery
  • How technology can help create certainty in uncertain times

“The idea of getting people comfortable getting back on the road for business travel is key. It’s the highest yield, the most frequent and the most consistent business. We have to partner and think about new ways to get these people back on planes” . Tony D’Astolfo, Senior Vice President, North America at Serko.