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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 01: Continuous Pricing and Leadership with Xavier Lagardere

The Air Transformation Lab reaches another milestone with the launch of a new podcast series. Airline Voice Radio connects the industry through the airwaves interviewing outspoken thought leaders on building the future of airline commerce and promises to be compelling, inspirational, and often unexpected.

The first episode of Airline Voice Radio features Jim and Xavier discussing the strategic benefits of Continuous Pricing and why it is more important than ever. This is reflected in Lufthansa Group’s rollout of a Continuous Pricing project against the backdrop of the COVID-crisis. The challenges are significant, and the opportunity is business-critical.

In this episode, Xavier and Jim explore:

  • Why Continuous Pricing unlocks value for everyone in the value-chain
  • What it’s like to deliver a milestone project while in lockdown
  • How to maintain the energy to sustain success

“The continuous pricing project came to life in COVID times, and the last mile was very special. Usually, when you go live with a project, you have boardrooms, everybody is going into the same place, maybe working in shifts. We had none of these, at least physically. We had the excitement coming off Teams threads and Whatsapp all day. It was like a Hitchcock movie at the end,” Xavier Lagardere, Head of Distribution at Lufthansa Group.