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Do you have the right tools to achieve Sales Excellence?

Sales Excellence

Driving sales within the competitive and fast-moving travel industry is not for the fainthearted.

Airline sales teams, in particular, have to manage a fine line between account management and business development, ensuring revenue protection and sustainable cost-efficient revenue growth to reach and exceed targets.

With global passenger volumes approaching pre-pandemic levels and competition increasing everywhere, identifying and capturing the right opportunities becomes a significant differentiator in returning to profitability. These opportunities are often moving at speed. Identifying and capturing them requires sales teams to operate smartly and efficiently.

To enable sales teams to operate smartly and efficiently, the tooling that supports them needs to reflect the ambition of those teams: achieving excellence in sales.

To make sure that your teams have the right tools to support them in their ambitions, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions:

1. Do I have the right intelligence to know how my accounts perform vs. my competitors? When thinking about where and how to invest incentive dollars, you must understand how loyal your agents are.  Are you getting the best of the opportunities available?  Are your incentive dollars being maximized vs. the scale of the agents’ book of business?

2. Does my team have a clear view of the relevant opportunities in front of us today? Developing new business and delivering incremental revenue requires actionable insights to guide an empowered salesforce.  Ensuring your team has access to intuitive opportunity analysis is disproportionately influential to success.

3. Am I able to implement effective incentive commissions that align with my strategy? Incentivizing the right travel sellers to generate the performance you need is a fundamental practice in airline sales. Ensuring those commissions are transparent, quick to market, and only payable on the sales you want to focus on can make the difference between making sales and driving revenue growth.

At Accelya, we’ve been actively honing our Industry Insights and Commission Management tools to provide the foundation for airlines to achieve sales excellence. Our suite of easy-to-implement SaaS tools are already helping over 70 airlines around the world.

Contact us for a live demo to learn more about our sales excellence solutions and understand how they can drive your sales strategy.

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