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Accelya is leading the way in enabling modern retailing for airlines

It’s been an exciting couple of months for Accelya, with important NDC agreements announced with United Airlines, American Airlines & Qantas, the launch of our Incubation Zone, and many great meetings held with our airline partners around the world. I am proud that our team of airline experts are delivering for our customers and contributing to the digital transformation of our great industry.


Proven NDC leader 

In recent months, we have seen the digitalization of aviation really making progress, with New Distribution Capability (NDC) accounting for 13% of USA tickets sold in July, and the NDC Adoption (% of tickets sold that are via NDC) of many of Accelya’s customers growing meaningfully month over month. Accelya are proud to be the leading provider in enabling this customer-centric technology producing >15bn offers per day, connecting with >50K active IATA agencies and enabling airlines that have up to 70% of their bookings coming via NDC. Industry analyst data shows that Accelya are clearly the #1 global enabler of NDC transactions with several times more volume than other 3rd party providers. We are proud to be here for now and here for the future, as our customers start their journeys towards ONE Order.

United, American & Qantas agree long-term modern retailing partnerships with Accelya 

Our customers see our industry leadership and commitment to their success, and we are humbled to be agreeing long-term agreements with many iconic airlines. In September we announced that American Airlines have chosen Accelya to be their long-term NDC partner with industry pioneer Anthony Rader, Director, Airline Retailing Technology at American, stating that, ‘we’re thrilled to be extending our partnership with the world’s leading NDC enabler.’

Last week we were proud to announce that Qantas have chosen Accelya to be their long-term retailing partner. Accelya’s portfolio of solutions will be used by Qantas to continue to enhance the shopping, booking and servicing experience of its agency partners. Qantas Executive Manager Global Sales and Distribution Igor Kwiatkowski said, “Accelya’s NDC expertise has helped us to provide the best-in-class NDC retailing experience and we look forward to delivering more value to our customers.”

Today, we are thrilled to share that United Airlines announced that they will be relying on Accelya for their long-term NDC strategy. The renewed partnership follows a surge in demand for United’s NDC content, and United will continue to use Accelya’s industry-leading FLX Passenger Platform to seamlessly create, differentiate and bundle its offers across all channels. With Accelya heavily focused on growing NDC adoption across the industry, we have enabled United to expand its NDC capabilities rapidly, offer continuous pricing content to agents and sell ancillaries that could not be distributed through legacy EDIFACT technology. “We rely on Accelya’s technology to provide innovative products and services to our customers including Dynamically Bundled Ancillary Offers and Continuous Pricing.” said Glenn Hollister, Vice President for Sales Strategy & Effectiveness at United Airlines.

End-to-end product suite from offer to order to settle

It’s not just in the world of Offer & Order where Accelya is bringing its airline-first and modular capabilities to help airlines achieve their goals. When introducing new products, airlines must be able to account for them, thus tight integration with accounting and settlement systems is critical. In the Settle area, we support more than 200 global airlines and have settled transactions in 2023 worth more than $40b and recovered over $100m in audit. At IATA WFS last week, Philip Fernandes, SVP of Product Management for Settle solutions at Accelya shared insights on this transition and how it remains a key part of the overall modern retail experience.

Delivering resilient, and future-ready retail capabilities powered by AWS 

Also last week at IATA WPS, Massimo Morin, the Head of Travel at Amazon, joined a panel with our CEO, Sam Gilliland, and spoke about how AWS and Accelya are an innovative, customer-centric retail solution for the airline industry. We are excited to power our services with the scale and performance of the AWS Cloud and our two companies share a common view that open, innovative technology can be a true differentiator for pioneering airlines. We also launched an eBook that talks in greater depth about our partnership and vision for modern retailing here.

Excited for now and excited for the future 

Reflecting on 2023 so far, we are delighted to see our customers making real progress on their modern airline retailing, and proud to be supporting them on the journey. Accelya are committed to accelerating innovation and digitalization for the industry, by bringing open and flexible solutions that allow airlines to take control of their retailing. We truly appreciate all of your support and on behalf of our 2.5K global employees, wish you the very best for the remainder of the year.

Andrew Wilcock
Chief Revenue Officer- Accelya 

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