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Accelya extends long-term modern retailing partnership with Qantas

London, UK – October 24, 2023

  • Accelya extends New Distribution Capability (NDC) partnership with Qantas to modernize the travel retailing experience and further boost NDC adoption.
  • Accelya’s airline-first software platform will support Qantas to expand its NDC capabilities, provide tailored offers and enrich its product content with ancillary services.
  • Accelya is the leading global provider and market leader for NDC transactions, per T2RL data based on total passenger numbers for 2022.


Accelya a leading global software provider to the airline industry, today announced it has signed a new long-term New Distribution Capability (NDC) agreement with Australian national carrier Qantas.

Accelya’s vast portfolio of innovative, airline-first solutions will be used by Qantas to continue to provide a wider range of Qantas products and enhance the shopping, booking and servicing experience of its agency partners.

As an early adopter of NDC, Qantas has been working closely with Accelya since 2017 to develop and implement a scalable approach to its retailing transformation.

“Throughout our partnership with Qantas, our modular, open solutions have supported Qantas becoming an influential disruptor in modern airline retailing” commented Sam Gilliland, CEO at Accelya.

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership, expand Qantas’ distribution capabilities and further encourage NDC adoption in their key markets, delivering more choice and functionality for travel agents and travelers alike.” Qantas Executive Manager Global Sales and Distribution, Igor Kwiatkowski, said, “Our technology partners like Accelya are a key part of our investment in modernizing the retailing experience for our agency partners.

“Accelya’s NDC expertise has helped us to provide the best-in-class NDC retailing experience and we look forward to delivering more value to our customers.”

T2RL data shows that Accelya is the leading provider and market leader for NDC transactions, based on total passenger numbers for 2022. Accelya have been working with leading airlines to drive further adoption of NDC as part of their efforts to modernize airline retailing for the benefit of customers and the industry.


About Accelya

Accelya is a leading global software provider to the airline industry, powering 200+ airlines with an open, modular software platform that enables innovative airlines to drive growth, delight their customers and take control of their retailing.

Owned by Vista Equity Partners long-term perennial fund and with 2K+ employees based around 10 global offices, Accelya are trusted by industry leaders to deliver now and deliver for the future.

The company´s passenger, cargo, and industry platforms support airline retailing from offer to settlement, both above and below the wing. Accelya are proud to deliver leading-edge technologies to our customers including through our partnership with AWS and through the pioneering NDC expertise of our Miami based product team.

We are proud to enable innovation-led growth for the airline industry and put control back in the hands of airlines.

For more information, please visit Accelya official website.

About Qantas

Founded in regional Queensland in 1920 – as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services – Qantas has played a central role in the development of the Australian and international aviation industry. Today the Qantas Group is a diverse global aviation business, comprising Qantas Domestic, Qantas International, the Jetstar low-cost carrier group and Qantas Loyalty.

For more on Qantas’ NDC Program, please visit



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