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Accelya renews long-term NDC partnership with United Airlines

London, UK – November 1, 2023

  • Accelya renews long-term New Distribution Capability (NDC) partnership with United Airlines.
  • United will leverage Accelya’s open and modular software platform to further expand its NDC capabilities and embrace omni-channel retailing.
  • Accelya will enable United to distribute targeted offerings, leverage specific-to-customer buying decisions, and deploy continuous pricing.
  • Data from T2RL, an independent consultancy leader in travel technology and distribution strategy, shows that Accelya is the leading provider and market leader for NDC transactions, based on total passenger numbers for 2022.

Accelya a leading global software provider to the airline industry, today announced it has renewed its New Distribution Capability (NDC) partnership with major US carrier United Airlines.

The multi-year extension reinforces Accelya’s position as the world’s leading NDC enabler and a significant player in bringing customer-centric, open, and modular technology to the airline industry.

The renewed partnership follows a surge in demand for United’s NDC content, with the carrier continuing to harness the power of Accelya’s industry-leading FLX Passenger Platform to seamlessly create, differentiate and bundle its offers across all channels.

With Accelya heavily focused on growing NDC adoption across the industry, they have enabled United to expand its NDC capabilities rapidly, offer continuous pricing content to agents and sell ancillaries that could not be distributed through legacy EDIFACT technology.

Today’s announcement further solidifies United’s commitment to encouraging the adoption of its NDC channel. It follows the carrier’s recent decision to remove Basic Economy fares, designed to work in concert with ancillary sales, from its GDS EDIFACT channels.

“We rely on Accelya’s technology to provide innovative products and services to our customers including Dynamically Bundled Ancillary Offers and Continuous Pricing.” said Glenn Hollister, Vice President for Sales Strategy & Effectiveness at United Airlines. “United NDC enables an omni-channel customer experience where customers can book travel via a travel agency and receive servicing via the agency, or in the United mobile app without creating ticket control issues and ensuring the travel agency is notified of booking changes made via United channels.”

“As the world’s leading NDC enabler, we’re thrilled to see United Airlines further leveraging Accelya’s NDC capabilities,” commented Sam Gilliland, Chief Executive Officer at Accelya. “We look forward to supporting United’s ambitious distribution strategy as it leverages our modular, cloud-based, airline-first software to further transform its NDC volume capability.”

T2RL data shows that Accelya is the leading provider and market leader for NDC transactions, based on total passenger numbers for 2022. Accelya have been working with leading airlines to drive further adoption of NDC as part of their efforts to modernize airline retailing for the benefit of customers and the industry.

About Accelya

Accelya is a leading global software provider to the airline industry, powering 200+ airlines with an open, modular software platform that enables innovative airlines to drive growth, delight their customers and take control of their retailing.

Owned by Vista Equity Partners long-term perennial fund and with 2K+ employees based around 10 global offices, Accelya are trusted by industry leaders to deliver now and deliver for the future.

The company´s passenger, cargo, and industry platforms support airline retailing from offer to settlement, both above and below the wing. Accelya are proud to deliver leading-edge technologies to our customers including through our partnership with AWS and through the pioneering NDC expertise of our Miami based product team.

We are proud to enable innovation-led growth for the airline industry and put control back in the hands of airlines.

For more information, please visit Accelya official website.



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