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NDC adoption: Tools for a successful partnership

Are you considering implementing IATA NDC? Do you want to grow the success of your strategy? Do you need help encouraging your airline’s travel partners to migrate to NDC platforms?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, download the “NDC adoption: Tools for a successful partnership” commercial toolkit, where Bill Cavendish reviews some of the most common and potent adoption strategies. Which NDC strategy is right for your airline? Download our commercial toolkit to find out.

Aligning distribution and sales goals to propel growth

In the ten years since New Distribution Capability (NDC) was launched, early adopters have deployed many strategies to encourage travel sellers to move from consuming content through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to NDC.  

Airline commercial leaders have rewarded travel sellers for aligning with their distribution goals by using sticks (such as removal of access to certain content) and/or carrots (segment fees, lower pricing). As a result of this alignment, they have been able to drive value from travel sellers more effectively. Read Accelya’s Jonathan Newman’s blog to learn more.

Making the most of ONE Order: Think finance!

Technological changes typically bring opportunities for airlines. Maximizing those opportunities requires that every team that will be impacted by the change is involved from the start.

Bringing the finance team out from “behind the scenes” in the planning and integration phase could be the key to unlocking the high-performance retailing potential of ONE Order, writes Muffi Lokhandwala, Business Development for Financial Solutions at Accelya.