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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 05: Change Maker with Bill Cavendish

Airline ‘titan of transformation’, Bill Cavendish, recently joined the Global Business Development team at Accelya from Emirates Airlines. There, as Vice President, Distribution Strategy, he was responsible for defining, setting, and executing the carrier’s commercial distribution strategy. To celebrate, we brought Bill into the Airline Voice Radio studio to get his fresh perspective as he moves from the helm of airline commerce leadership into the world of transformational technology.

In this episode, Jim quizzes Bill on his learnings from the last year, which includes the importance of having a direct relationship with customers and the value that ancillary merchandising brings to the airline’s bottom line. We also hear of Bill’s plans to bring his retailing and distribution expertise to other airline executives as part of the Accelya team.

Listen to Episode 05 of Airline Voice Radio to learn more about:

  • The growing importance of solid technology partnerships in the wake of a depleted airline workforce
  • Emerging companies that make it easier for airlines to innovate in the NDC channels
  • The ‘double-edge sword’ of standardization as both an accelerant of and an inhibitor to innovation

“I think one of the areas that airlines should be considering is to leverage the standards where they add value, but push the envelope where they think they can … it is a balancing act. And I think airlines need to weigh it up on a case-by-case basis.” Bill Cavendish, Global Business Development at Accelya.