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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 03: Trailblazing Transformation with George Bryan

In challenging times, leaders follow their North Star no matter how daunting the journey ahead.

The path to airline profitability demands transformation, and to succeed, airlines need innovative thinking and technological change— Hawaiian Airlines one such carrier that is preparing for the future by taking transformational steps today.

Management Consultant, Distribution at Hawaiian Airlines, George Bryan is overseeing the implementation of Accelya’s full suite of NDC and Offer engines. But for George, this is not his first rodeo. While at Westjet, he was an early adopter of Accelya technology and played an integral part in lifting NDC and next-generation retailing from the realm of theory into real-world reality.

George joins Jim Davidson in the studio to give us a glimpse of what that journey was like and shares Hawaiian Airline’s plans for future profitability once air travel reemerges from the current crisis.

Listen to Episode 03 to learn about:

  • The recent deal Hawaiian airlines has inked with Accelya to adopt omnichannel retailing with NDC and Accelya’s full suite of offer engines
  • The need to focus on revenue when travelers take to the air again
  • How the spirit of Aloha is reflected in differentiated, innovative, and valued experiences the airline provides its guests

“Every penny is going to count, it all adds up. You can only cut the cost so many times until there’s nothing else to cut if you’re going to sustain operations. You need to be on the revenue side if you want to survive.” George Bryan, Management Consultant, Distribution at Hawaiian Airlines