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Why the Mastercard-Accelya partnership brings airlines the best payment gateway solution

Airlines are always looking for that perfect payment solution. One with easy integration; acceptance of multiple vendors, systems, and forms of paymentsclarity of transactions and reporting; and always with the highest data security protocols. The Accelya Payment Gateway is an airline payment platform that tackles all of these important challenges, while increasing acceptance and reducing costs. It combines the best of Mastercard’s payment gateway and Accelya’s Payments Management solution.Through our Payment Gateway, Mastercard Direct and Digital Sales Experts are united with Accelya Airline Indirect and Offline Experts, bringing your airline an end-to-end payment solution for each and every channel.Continue reading to discover the parts played by Mastercard and Accelya in this unique partnership.Mastercard’s Role & Expertise.

Accelya’s partnership with Mastercard consists of a pure payment gateway service hosted by Mastercard, with their software being integrated with your airline’s direct sales channel to enable front-end sales. The payment gateway is also integrated with Accelya’s Payments Management Solution to offer an administrative and finance control tool to cover the back-end functions.

So, why is the Accelya-Mastercard partnership so important? Mastercard is a brand that is recognized globally, and in the world of payment solutions, it is among the most-trusted global payment leaders. For airlines, being regarded as trustworthy by business partners, clients, and passengers means taking a step towards becoming an industry leader.

An incomparable level of security, quality service, and investment is gained by working with Mastercard. This is a company that has achieved their trusted status by putting customer data first; while their facilities process billions of transactions, they continue to follow PCI compliance to a rigorous level.

The Mastercard platform is also designed to simplify adoption of industry standards changes such as 3DS2.0 and PSD2. Mastercard is a company that thinks proactively, setting future trends in payments. Never again will your airline be kept guessing by what will happen in the coming years – your airline will be an industry trendsetter right alongside Mastercard.

Accelya’s Integrated Solution

Accelya is also an industry leader, and we bring significant value to the partnership through our deep understanding of airline financial and payments processes. For over 40 years, Accelya has provided technology products and services to the travel and transport industry; our solutions have managed more than 5 billion financial transactions.

Integrated with the Mastercard payment gateway, Accelya’s Payments Management solution helps better control back-end functions. Vivaldi’s functionalities include credit card billing, reconciliation and accounting interface functions, and now through Accelya’s Payment Gateway solution, we can offer airlines a true end-to-end payment strategy, from authorisation through reconciliation to chargebacks.

Our Payment Gateway platform was custom-built with airlines’ goals in mind:

  • It protects revenue through solid reporting and identification of transactions, which prevents revenue leakage (that can go up to 1% of sales).
  • It builds customer satisfaction and maximize acceptance by processing all major card schemes and a wide list of AFOPs, alongside Mastercard-issued cards.
  • It helps de-bundle the acquiring from the processing dragging down the associated costs (authentication, authorisation, and billing), and providing freedom to choose best the best acquirer, without any technical dependencies. This translates into lower costs of sale.

It enables end-to-end visibility and control of transactions by combining the payment gateway with the middle and back end functionalities of Vivaldi, across all channels

Overall Benefits for Airline Departments

The Accelya Payment Gateway can provide numerous benefits for each of your airline’s departments, from eCommerce to Finance to IT.

eCommerce and Commercial Departments

Every eCommerce Manager or Chief Commercial Officer knows that customers have shorter attention spans and less patience when it comes to making online payments. Our Payment Gateway acts as a single connection to multiple FOPS and meets customer payment preferences across all sales channels; acceptance of all major card types and AFOPs means greater reach and sales. You’ll also be able to take advantage of improved acceptance rates and a lower cost of acceptance; Sales will boost via accepting local forms of payment and having access to local acquirer banks (out of the 190+ acquirers in Accelya portfolio).

Finance & Accounting Departments

As CFO or part of the Finance or Accounting Department, your pain points revolve around collections, reconciliations, cash flow, and data. You want to protect your airline’s revenue and enhance cash collection, auditability, and compliance. The Accelya Payment Gateway uses a single platform with automation to better control direct and indirect sales channels, and handle each step of the payment process, from authentication to reconciliation and accounting. Plus, our payment gateway cuts down on revenue leakage through better identification of sales, payments, commissions, and discrepancies.

With over 190 local and global acquirers, you will have the flexibility and freedom to choose the best acquirer when it best benefits your airline, without having any technical dependency

IT Department

With hackers getting smarter, the safety of customer and airline data is always at the forefront of an IT Manager’s mind. The IT Department tends to follow Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong, will be wrong”: unscheduled downtime, unexpected costs or time setbacks, complicated integration of technologies and software, future industry changes… Accelya’s Payment Gateway gives your airline IT Department peace of mind through the highest standards of data security, plus the most advanced platform on the market. With Mastercard at the forefront of technological innovation in the payments industry, our payment gateway is future-proof. Instead of wondering whether the back-end can handle front-end changes, you’ll know that the back-end will be able to handle any systems or integrations without a doubt.


The Mastercard-Accelya partnership to bring your airline the new Accelya Payment Gateway is without precedent. It is a unique payment solution that is not offered by any other payment service provider, nor by Mastercard Payment Gateway services themselves. Only through the integration of the Mastercard platform with Accelya’s Payments Management solution can your airline use one single platform as an end-to-end payment solution for all sales channels.

Gone are the days of using multiple platforms and worrying about compatibility. In addition to a single platform, the Accelya Payment Gateway also serves to help you to achieve the goals most important to your airline: greater revenue and reduced costs, acceptance of multiple vendors and FOPs, clear transactions and reporting, and the highest standards of data security.

For over 40, Accelya has successfully served as a strategic partner to more than 400 airlines, travel agents, and shippers; through our partnership with Mastercard, we will continue to successfully lead the airline industry into the future.

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