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Events & Webinars

T2RL Engage 2023

Location: London, UK

Date: 18-20 September 2023

Accelya is a proud sponsor of T2RLEngage 2023.

Join Accelya’s industry gurus in enlightening discussions as they delve into the realm of offers and orders, offering valuable insights and actionable advice for successfully navigating this transition.

Meet our speakers:

Sep 19 @12:25-13:05PM

Panel, “Offer/Order technology shift – What are airline expectations?”.

There is a growing consensus that the industry is moving towards an Offer/Order/Settle/Deliver future. What are the benefits that airlines expect to see from this move? Is it about saving distribution costs, enhancing revenue or both? Senior airline executives address these questions and more in this scene-setting conversation. Speaker: Adrian Nash.

Sep 19 @2:20-2:35PM

Airline Case Study ,“Accelya and American airlines boost NDC adoption with breakthrough ticket exchange solution”. Speakers: John Stewart & Anthony Rader (American Airlines).

Sep 20 @12-1:20PM

Roundtable, “A practical discussion on migrating your airline to ONE Order.”

Join us for a stimulating discussion on the practicalities of migrating your airline to ONE Order. In this session we will share insights into where to start with the transition to Order Management, the opportunities to drive early airline benefits and the key areas of focus for removing legacy artifacts & processes. Speaker: Tye Radcliffe.

Sep 20 @4:10-4:30PM

Fireside Chat, “Accelya and American Airlines: A perspective on Modern Retailing transformation.”

Join Jim Davidson, Accelya, and Anthony Rader, American Airlines, discuss their perspectives on modern retailing transformation.” Speakers: Jim Davidson & Anthony Rader (American Airlines).