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Accelya’s FLX Passenger Platform is revolutionizing the airline industry with its customer-focused, open, and modular technology. We are proud to partner with numerous airlines on their journey towards high-performance retailing, and we hope to welcome you soon.

NDC Adoption
Accelya NDC Infographic

Accelya is the leading provider and market leader for NDC transactions

Five Key Takeaways To Consider When Transforming To Modern Retailing

Moving from Concept to Design is essential reading for airline executives and commercial leaders looking to understand how technology can support their transformational plans.

Jonathan Newman, Global Business Development at Accelya, examines the white paper and discusses his five key takeaways. This should be essential reading for airline executives and commercial leaders looking to extract that advantage.

Considering The Next Steps In NDC? There´s No Time Like The Present!

The pioneers and early adopters are beginning to claim the full benefits, but others still need to start. Jim Davidson, Vice Chairman – Accelya, explores why airlines must embrace this transformation now to gain that competitive advantage or face being left behind. Ready to take your airline retailing to the next level?

Read our blog to learn more about the transformative power of NDC and how Accelya can help you achieve your NDC goals.

NDC – The Pathway To Modern Airline Retailing

Step into the forefront of innovation as we invite you to our exclusive “NDC: The Pathway for Modern Airline Retailing” webinar as we delve into the dynamic world of airline distribution models. We will explore the industry’s current landscape, highlighting the profitability of customer-centric approaches.

During this 50 minutes on-demand session, we will cover the following:

  • Understand the current landscape of airline distribution models
  • Address challenges and exploit opportunities
  • Guidance on how to achieve NDC at scale
  • Learn tactical activities that have been proven to increase revenue, ensuring the financial success of your airline.

Optimizing Commercial Excellence

Airline leaders are now considering how commercial strategy can be enacted in an environment of hyper-competitiveness and change.  Seeing how multi-dimensional understanding, access to content, and distribution goals will impact commercial operations, leaders should now look to technology to give them the confidence to move ahead in 2024 and beyond.

During this 40 minutes on-demand session, we will cover the following:

  • How technology can help overcoming today’s sales planning and incentive management challenges
  • Why distribution and access to content will soon become core elements of commercial strategy
  • How machine learning is challenging how we look at segmentation and incentive management

Driving NDC Adoption – Working with Travel Partners to Build a Successful Relationship

When airlines ask themselves how to realize some of the NDC revenue benefits, lower their traditional distribution bill, and gain more control of their content, the answer lies in an effective adoption and distribution strategy.

Explore NDC adoption strategies with insights from Accelya’s senior expert, Bill Cavendish, and a special comparison from Tye Radcliffe, SVP of Product Strategy. 

American Airlines – Modern Retailing Case Study

Addressing the challenge of exchanging unused GDS (EDIFACT) tickets has been a significant hurdle for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) looking to embrace the advantages of NDC-based distribution.

Explore how Accelya and American Airlines collaborated to overcome this obstacle, removing a widespread barrier to NDC adoption. Together, they share the common goal of bringing NDC at scale to the forefront of the industry.