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Discover strategic cargo revenue accounting insights

The air cargo industry is more competitive than ever. Without fast and accurate cargo revenue accounting, carriers will struggle to keep up. In order to thrive, you need to make smart, tactical decisions across all of your air cargo operations.

With our cargo revenue accounting solution, you’ll develop profound insights into your air cargo operations. Optimize the processes of your air cargo revenue accounting while becoming more efficient, profitable and productive. The integration of cargo revenue accounting with our air cargo management solution enables greater control over your operations.

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Gain a strategic edge while mitigating risk

Get a competitive edge with our real-time data reports that allow you to generate accurate revenue calculations and conduct more in-depth analysis. You’ll always be better informed and ready for what comes next.

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Gain insights into your operations

Want a more holistic picture of your operations? We’ll help you set up your Billing and Settlement Plans (BSP), Cargo Account Settlement (CASS), and Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) with internal and industry-standard applications. Plus, with a two-way integration with our air cargo management solution, you can quickly and accurately improve operational efficiency and maximize productivity.

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