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Accelya Partners with Delta to deliver Modern Retailing

London, UK – Apr 18, 2024

  • Accelya signs a new FLX Platform agreement with Delta Air Lines
  • The open and modular Accelya FLX platform will give Delta the freedom to deliver personalized offers consistently across its channels
  • The agreement strengthens Accelya’s position as the clear market leader for airlines looking to drive NDC adoption and move toward Offer & Order transformation


Accelya, a leading global software provider to the airline industry, today announces a new partnership with Delta for their Accelya FLX Platform and the provision of New Distribution Capabilities (NDC).

The agreement will be part of Delta’s solution to deliver its customer-first approach to transform how it sells and services, enabling passengers to book in their channel of choice while maintaining consistency. Accelya’s FLX Platform will leverage its modular approach and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), allowing Delta to reach a vast range of sales channels, while maintaining the airline’s ability to deliver its next generation product strategy.

Sara Reid, Managing Director of Sales Technology & Global Sales, Delta, comments, “Delta’s partnership with Accelya is part of our long-term Distribution strategy to provide better products, better merchandizing and better servicing for customers. We’re excited to partner with experts like Accelya to leverage technology and enable an elevated experience, which is key to bringing our multi-year innovation roadmap to life.

The Accelya FLX Platform, trusted by many of the world’s leading airlines, enabled more than half of all global New Distribution Capability (NDC) transactions in 2022, according to data from T2RL, an independent consultancy leader in travel technology and distribution strategy.

The platform combines the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and the latest advanced technologies to deliver scalability and reliability, while enabling airlines to efficiently present millions of retail offers across all channels. Accelya’s platform is also a strong foundation for helping airline customers make the pivotal transformation into Offer and Order.

Accelya’s NDC offering, a core enabler of airline-retail agency connectivity, links airlines with over 50,000 travel agents including the world’s largest online travel agents (OTAs) and travel management companies (TMCs). Accelya’s advanced NDC capabilities, leveraging the latest 21.3 standard, bring improved customer servicing, more ancillary sales and the ability for customers and airlines to benefit from more personalized offers.

Sam Gilliland, CEO, Accelya, adds, “We are delighted to be partnering with a global industry leader in support of Delta’s drive to retail modernization. The Accelya FLX platform will empower Delta to take control of their retailing future, with Accelya supporting them every step of the way.


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