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Unlocking profit potential with a robust Revenue Assurance strategy: Safeguarding Airlines from Revenue Leakage

The airline industry is navigating slim profit margins, with just $5.44 per passenger. Shockingly, airlines globally face potential annual losses of $650 million due to leakages in the booking-to-flown lifecycle. The complexity is compounded by diverse teams using different systems and data feeds, creating a fragmented view that often results in unnoticed leakages in the process. 

Accelya’s Revenue Assurance identifies and stops revenue leakage, recovers lost revenue and stops Global Distribution System (GDS) & booking policy abuse throughout the booking to flown lifecycle. 

Accelya facilitates a sustainable financial landscape for airlines, plugging leakages with a comprehensive assurance strategy covering Revenue Integrity (RI), BIDT Audit and Sales Audit. 

To achieve the desired impact, all strategies must be fully implemented 

  1. Boost in Per Passenger Profits: Accelya’s Revenue Assurance is your key to unlocking additional profits. Our customers have experienced benefits of up to $0.72 per passenger boarded. 
  2. Proven Track Record: Partner with a revenue assurance provider that has made a significant impact on 70+ airlines, recovering over $100 million annually. 
  3. Unified Oversight: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a single owner overseeing and addressing all leakages throughout the booking-to-flown lifecycle.

Watch our webinar recording to find our more and learn how you can easily enhance your passenger profitability  by stopping your leakages. 

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