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Discover the successful collaboration between LATAM Airlines and Accelya that led to lasting results; 99.9% uptime and over 40 months of no outages.


LATAM Airlines and Accelya transform Passenger Revenue Accounting

In the airline industry, handling money across borders and meeting compliance standards can be tough. As an experienced solutions provider for Passenger Revenue Accounting, Accelya was LATAM Airlines’ chosen partner to solve the challenges associated with bulk volumes, while managing diverse accounting systems, magnified by the need to navigate regional rules and taxation barriers.

This is the story of how Accelya’s vision and LATAM’s need for a modular, transparent and efficient solution to simplify Passenger Revenue Accounting converged, giving rise to a transformative and scalable solution Discover how the collaboration reduced reconciliation time from 7 days to 3 days with an uptime of 99.9%. A narrative of collaboration, problem-solving, and mutual growth.

Get your copy to find out more about this story of innovation and collaboration with our partner, LATAM, to enhance Passenger Revenue Accounting.