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Transforming Airline Retailing: A Vision for the Future 

In our pursuit of excellence for our airline customers, Accelya understands that it cannot do everything alone and that innovation and inspiration are often found when working closely with others. 

We are delighted to be working closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in our quest to unlock the future of travel retailing for our customers – and we know that this collaboration will bring powerful benefits for our customers.   


Accelya´s goal is to take airline retailing to the next level for end customers and our airline partners. We’re not just looking to empower the needs of today’s traveller, we want to anticipate future requirements, set new standards, and deliver with unparalleled excellence. The key to helping drive the transformation of the industry lies in customer-centricity and the seamless integration of technology to underpin the passenger’s own experience.  

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known for its innovative approach to tackling technology and people challenges across many industries. Accelya’s collaboration with AWS seeks to combine the power of the AWS cloud with Accelya’s deep expertise with airline customers. 

Leveraging the Power of AWS 

Our collaboration with AWS allows Accelya to bring centralized insights, native intelligence, and the scale and speed of the AWS cloud to our retailing platform. With Accelya’s adoption of AWS technologies such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Relational Database Service, and AWS Lambda, we have achieved auto-scaling capacity that ensures robust and efficient processing, even in the face of large volumes of data, across multiple regions and availability zones. 

Minimizing Latency, Maximizing Resilience 

In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts. We understand that travellers need information and services in real-time, and this is also where our collaboration with AWS shines. By leveraging content distribution networks and AWS connectivity, we’ve been able to minimize latency, providing near-instant access to the information and services travellers need.  

Moreover, our global presence is backed by the resilience that AWS offers. Across our globally distributed user base, we’ve implemented strategies to ensure that our services remain consistently available and reliable, no matter where you are in the world.  

A Journey of Transformation 

Our vision is to transform the core end-to-end business processes that power the airline industry. We’re passionate about providing the modular solutions that help airlines power the passengers experience, with the ability to reach new levels of personalization across any channel and the customer’s own journey. Our collaboration with AWS helps become the catalyst for this change.  

The future of travel tech has arrived, and as the airline first technology company we’re leading the way.

Stay tuned for what’s next; the best is yet to come. 

If you want to know more you can download our AWS eBook here:

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