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International Women’s Day: Perspectives from Funda Saltuk, Chief HR Officer, Accelya

Today is International Woman’s Day, a day where we celebrate women in every industry and walk of life across the Globe. During my career I have worked in a variety of Engineering and Technology firms and have been lucky enough to travel extensively and meet many people from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. These experiences have given me many examples of how women are showing resilience and courage to be heard and to be successful.

One of the most poignant stories I heard was talking with a taxi driver whose sister’s ambition was to become a teacher. Due to the country’s conditions, she was unable to achieve this ambition via the normal route of going to school and gaining a degree. However, she found a way to achieve her dream by using the internet. She is teaching other women and girls and helping them to realize their dreams by sharing her knowledge and experience of what is possible.

All women, no matter our background, have barriers to success, whether pushed upon us by circumstances or created by us as individuals. We need to examine these barriers and work together to overcome them and achieve our ambitions.

In this era of equal opportunity and inclusion, the barriers can be broken down, by individual and workplace actions. Companies and individuals can #InspireInclusion through their actions every day, whether it’s through defining career development programs, ensuring we interview a diverse set of candidates, mentoring and coaching, or via informal conversations around the coffee machine. Every action and interaction have the potential to inspire and lead to great results.

Companies, like Accelya, thrive and improve through diversity. Women have so much to offer the world and the workforce and I am committed personally to doing everything I can do to create an environment of inclusion and opportunity in Accelya. By working together and taking action together the sky is the limit!

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