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Instantly reward travel agents with
Net Remit 5

Trying to fill a flight to capacity? That’s a challenge station managers face every day. Often, the two best options are slashing prices or offering incentives. The problem is these methods can go only so far. How can an airline offer a dynamic value proposition to travel agents without losing money?

A unique, IATA-endorsed solution to incentivize travel agents, Net Remit 5 is a leading web-based platform that delivers on both accounts: It offers better margins and pays out instant incentives. The smart platform automatically determines when an agent qualifies for an incentive, and station managers can pay out directly through the platform. It’s just that easy.

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Incentivize and reward agents instantly and without error

Net Remit 5 integrates with BSP processing, complete with set commission requirements. It does all the calculations for you—without making mistakes along way—which allows you to instantly reward travel agents and strengthen the airline-agent relationship.

Simplify work for agents

Rather than make travel agents navigate through special codes or deal with human error, Net Remit 5 takes all the stress and effort out of booking tickets by automating necessary processes. Plus, it keeps a detailed history of all deals managed. This makes life better for everyone involved.