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This series of articles deep dive into some of the critical areas airlines address on their journey to high-performance retailing. The starting point may differ, and the route may take many twists and turns, but the destination is the same. It's an end-to-end transformation. Where is your airline on that journey, and what do you need to know? Read on to explore.

Muffi Lokhandwala 3 MIN Read

Making the most of ONE Order: Think finance!

Technological changes typically bring opportunities for airlines. Maximizing those opportunities requires that every team that will be impacted by the change is involved from the start. Bringing the finance team out from “behind the scenes” in the planning and integration phase could be the key to unlocking the high-performance retailing potential of ONE Order, writes Muffi Lokhandwala, Business Development for Financial Solutions at Accelya.


Fearghal O'Connell 3 MIN Read

Leading the charge for high-performance retailing at World Aviation Festival

The Accelya team took center stage at the World Aviation Festival to talk about revenue management, game-changing innovation, and our vision as the industry emerges into a third horizon of value. Mark McDonald, Global Sales and Business Development, summarizes the World Aviation Festival experience. Watch his video to learn more about the World Aviation Festival 2022 experience.


Jonathan Newman 2 MIN Read

When addressing the biggest unoptimized cost on your balance sheet, there are six questions to ask

As the budgeting process begins and travel sellers start to look to your airline to understand your value proposition, it's worth exploring how commercial strategy and distribution come together in driving revenue from your investment in incentives. Jonathan Newman recommends six questions an airline should ask to maximize the revenue from each incentive dollar spent.


Tye Radcliffe 2 MIN Read

The third horizon of opportunity – high-performance retailing

The event season is a great time of year when we get the opportunity to lift our heads from the busy day-to-day and look at what is on the horizon, at the trends shaping the airline industry. Accelya's Tye Radcliffe, SVP of Product Strategy for the Order group, gives his perspective on the market with the industry emerging into the third horizon of value. What does that mean? Read on to find out.


Nancy Delgado 7 MIN Read

Why NDC? Why now?

Welcome to a new series of Air Transformation Lab articles on NDC adoption. With Accelya processing 40% of the world’s NDC transactions, we are in a unique position to see the positive impact of distribution and channel management strategy on airline sales. In this first installment, Nancy Delgado and Fearghal O’Connell explore why now is the best time for an airline to launch its NDC journey.


Muffi Lokhandwala 4 MIN Read

You can’t sell anything if you can’t account for it!

Accounting plays a key role in delivering airlines to the future world of offers and orders. But how can an airline’s finance team reconcile new ways with back-end operations - while doing business-as-usual? In this Air Transformation Lab article, Muffi Lokhandwala explores the role of order accounting in the journey to high-performance retailing.


Andrew Webster 4 MIN Read

ONE Order. It’s Simple

Accelya’s newly appointed Director of Product Management for ONE Order, Andrew Webster, picks up the story on ONE Order and order management and how its implementation will affect the future of the airline business. In his first Air Transformation Lab post, Andrew shares his wealth of experience and knowledge from his many years at one of the world’s largest airline groups. Welcome to the team, Andrew!


Fearghal O'Connell 3 MIN Read

Lufthansa Group airlines: how to get on the right path to retailing transformation

Bill Cavendish, Global Business Development in Accelya, caught up with Johannes Walter, Head of Channel Partners at Lufthansa Group airlines. Johannes tells us about how NDC is at the start of the airline group’s journey toward end-to-end retailing, with ONE Order approaching on the horizon.


Marketing Team 1 MIN Read

NDC analytics: Data not deity

There’s a saying, “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” It has never been so relevant than today, as insights will enable airlines to weather the whims of a volatile travel market and fast-track their path back to profitability.


Jim Davidson 2 MIN Read

Retailing Transformation. Where Are You? Jim Davidson

Now I am Accelya’s new Chief Executive Officer. I am incredibly humbled and excited to take the helm of this company looking to change up the retailing opportunity for airlines and the wider industry. So, it feels right to open the next chapter of the Air Transformation Lab. I am calling this chapter “Where Are You?”. Because an airline’s journey can have many starting points. The route can take various turns along the way, but the destination is the same. It’s end-to-end retailing transformation.