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About the REVERA Strategic Product Group

REVERA® has always drawn its strength from the user community and their contributions to the product’s evolution. To this end, Accelya launched the REVERA Strategic Product Group (SPG) in 2012 – a formal platform for REVERA users to provide inputs and contribute to the solution and its services. REVERA SPG is a voluntary and elected body of senior Revenue Accounting representatives from REVERA customer airlines.



REVERA SPG was formulated with the objective “to ensure that REVERA solutions and services continue to be innovative, incorporate changing requirements, and ensure value to its user community.”



The key role of the SPG is to:

  • Provide strategic direction to REVERA
  • Ensure the REVERA solution is in line with industry changes
  • Contribute to REVERA solution and services roadmap
  • Enable REVERA user community to propose ideas for solution enhancement, over and above the planned roadmap items, to be evaluated and selected collectively by the SPG members
  • Participate in requirement detailing for selected changes


REVERA SPG Composition & Selection Process

REVERA SPG is comprised of senior revenue accounting executives from REVERA user airlines and key Accelya executives from the REVERA solution and services team.

Customer representatives are selected based on nominations received from airlines currently using REVERA. An open voted is then conducted by the REVERA user community to select the group. A chairperson is selected by SPG members from amongst the selected members.

Key eligibility criteria for nomination to SPG are:

  • The airline must be a user of REVERA
  • The representative nominated must be responsible for revenue accounting within the airline
  • A maximum of one member per airline can be nominated


REVERA SPG members