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Accelya partners with IATA to support the industry with a new service facilitating ADM management

‘ADM Management’ is a capability within Accelya’s ‘Channel Management’ solution

Madrid, April 24, 2020

Airlines have an extraordinary need, now more than ever, to cut costs and to unlock cash as fast as possible. As a market leader in revenue leakage detection services, Accelya has partnered with IATA to present a new industry service, ADM Insight, an IATA product powered by Accelya.

This solution gives airlines a worldwide consolidated view of all their uncollected ADM volumes, allowing them to have a global breakdown of the ADMs that require urgent action and conduct analysis and benchmarks for swift decision-making.

Considering the unique situation our airline customers are facing today, we have agreed with IATA to offer a free trial of this solution until June 30th. This tool helps airlines have greater visibility of common gaps and root causes and to understand the weak points and how to address them to prevent revenue leakage and improve cash flow.

Managing ADMs costs the airline industry $150 million a year and it is essential for airlines to clearly identify the issuance reasons. The ADM Insight solution enables airlines to benchmark performance and compare their own ADM recovery rate with those of the industry at large.

ADM Insight is aimed at helping airlines to prioritize critical blocked ADMs to be collected. The tool provides data through several KPIs (e.g. agent, country, form of payment and others) helping airlines make the right decisions more quickly through enhanced data visualization.

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