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Retailing transformation: RwandAir share their views

Marketing Team - November 2, 2022


At the World Financial Symposium in Qatar, Bright Kayinamura, Interline Accounting Manager at RwandAir, gave us some great insights into the state of NDC and ONE Order in Africa. Bright is convinced that with further training, finance will be better positioned to help accelerate the journey to NDC and ONE Order.

“We need to pull up our socks and speed up so that we are not caught unaware”, added Bright Kayinamura, Manager – Interline Accounting, RwandAir.

Watch his video to see what else he says about finance’s role in retailing transformation.

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Technological changes typically bring opportunities for airlines. Maximizing those opportunities requires that every team that will be impacted by the change is involved from the start.

Bringing the finance team out from “behind the scenes” in the planning and integration phase could be the key to unlocking the high-performance retailing potential of ONE Order, writes Muffi Lokhandwala, Business Development for Financial Solutions at Accelya.


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Accelya met some finance giants at the World Financial Symposium in Qatar. In this video, Soufiane Attif, Royal Air Maroc’s Head of Revenue Accounting, gave us his insights into what part finance has to play in retailing transformation. One of the key tasks is the simplification of as many processes as possible to allow ONE Order to succeed.