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Airline Voice Radio Podcast, Episode 06: Small-scale innovation with Henry Harteveldt

The little ‘i’ of innovation

As highlighted in the recent report, Airlines: A Path Back to Profitability, the Covid-crisis has stripped the airline industry of more than $118 billion – challenging the industry to its core. Yet, it has also heralded an era of unprecedented opportunity – including a renewed vigor for innovation, with 88% more airline executives expecting retailing innovation to be “extremely important” during business recovery compared to pre-Covid times.

In this episode, report author Henry Harteveldt joins Jim in the studio to discuss the study’s key findings. Listen to this new episode and find out more about:

  • Why ”airlines should get serious about retailing”
  • The need for airlines to be in control of their destiny
  • How busting down the organizational silos will help airlines innovate by focusing on action

“Let’s talk about the little ‘i’ in innovation – you can make small tweaks and have really big gains, particularly on customer-facing initiatives,” Jim Davidson, CPO at Accelya Group, in conversation with Henry Harteveldt.