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NDC adoption: Tools for a successful partnership

Marketing Team - February 22, 2023


Are you considering implementing IATA NDC? Do you want to grow the success of your strategy? Do you need help encouraging your airline’s travel partners to migrate to NDC platforms? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, download the “NDC adoption: Tools for a successful partnership” commercial toolkit, where Bill Cavendish looks at some of the most common and potent adoption strategies. 

A successful NDC partnership is one where travel partners engage positively with an airline to sell more and different content through new and richer channels. During the more than 10-year journey, pioneer airlines have pursued various strategies to encourage travel partners to move from consuming content through the Global Distribution Systems to NDC.

The big question for every airline is what adoption strategy will work best for them. Well, it depends. Each strategy employs “levers” of content differentiation or commercial terms to achieve the desired results.

If you’re still deciding what the best strategy for your airline is, the commercial toolkit can guide you. It also includes Tye Radcliffe’s exclusive comparison of the various NDC adoption strategies. Tye is Accelya’s SVP of Product Strategy for the Order group, so he knows the results strategies like carrot, stick, or the wholesale model can give your airline.

Get your copy of the NDC adoption commercial toolkit here or click on the image below:

Stay tuned for more insights into an airline’s journey to high-performance retailing.

Thank you for your interest in Air Transformation Lab. This new chapter on high-performance retailing includes podcasts, thought-leadership blogs, and customer testimonials to inspire your journey.

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