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Ground Handling (GH), is one of the most critical costs, airlines need automated tools and solutions to ensure that their GH billing is done accurately and on-time.

We have asked a good number of airlines and suppliers, on an average 75% of total GH costs can be managed effectively with the right cost control process and automation. These are the costs that are predictable and hence, easy to control.

What are these costs? How can we control them?

This eBook will explore:

  • Why are ground handling costs complex?
  • Types of GH services
  • Challenges in pricing GH services
  • Challenges in controlling GH costs
  • Impact of 'availability of service delivery records' on cost control
  • Impact of 'ground handling vendor contracts' on cost control
  • Impact of 'invoicing practices' on cost control
  • How can you identify billing discrepancies, minimizing overpayments to suppliers?
  • Tools to control GH costs

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