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Restore your airline's revenue integrity with IRIS

Not all bookings are created equal. Sometimes, agents forget to issue tickets, passengers book journeys below MCT, and people make duplicate bookings. Tickets aren’t always reissued to reflect the most up-to-date passenger itinerary. All of that adds up to millions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

We combat poor-quality bookings with IRIS (Integrated Revenue Integrity Solution). Our advanced Revenue Integrity solution checks both PNRs and Tickets while identifying problematic agent behaviour and the markets and routes most affected. This allows you to make strategic decisions to minimise revenue leakage and maximise your revenue, generating 5-15x ROI within one year

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Access the full SAND Data Warehouse Toolkit

Four Integrated modules, bringing your data together across the booking lifecycle

Our Revenue Integrity solution IRIS is up made up of four dynamic platforms:
IRIS Hub - the commercial data store; loads, cleanses, enriches and joins your commercial data.
IRIS Manager - a flexible and user configurable application that offers both automated actions and manual review.
IRIS Connect – the modern robotic solution, provides live CRS interaction; creating, retrieving and acting upon PNRs.
IRIS Intelligence – provides end-to-end reporting, vital intelligence and analytics for better decision making.

Maximize your revenue

Enhanced detection, visibility and flexibility

Greater scope and potential for saving with superior root cause analysis sets IRIS apart from others. Developed by business intelligence consultants and airlines professionals, IRIS conducts more than 40 checks across PNR, Ticket and post-flight information, also allowing users to the ability to create their own unique RI checks at no additional cost