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Accurate, timely and complete revenue accounting by our industry experts

In order for airlines to compete at the highest level, a reliable revenue accounting system isn’t enough. You need skilled accountants behind the systems, well-versed in airlines and the ever-changing landscape of compliance. But as that landscape gets more complex, finding qualified people becomes more difficult.

We offer managed process outsourcing with our robust business process, service delivery, technology assets and highly trained team of airline-savvy revenue accountants. Confidently state your revenues with at least 99% accuracy, within 24 hours of receipt of data. Our platform and service enables the highest-quality, accurate and timely airline revenue accounting service, processing more than 2 billion revenue accounting transactions and 1.1 billion proration transactions, and identifying $180 million in recoverable revenues in audit annually.


Quality, compliant airline revenue accounting

Everything we do is designed around industry best practices. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of air cargo or knowing the revenue accounting trends to watch for, we have you covered. Our processes are all compliant with industry-mandated standards, including SIS. We maintain our service levels even during peak passenger months such as the holiday season.

Explore five trends shaping airline revenue accounting.


Informed decision making

Our airline revenue intelligence models and interactive dashboards help us give you insights across finance, revenue management and sales. This lets you make better decisions with a clear view of all your financial data.

See how Air Namibia enhances strategic decision making.