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Wishing all our female employees a very happy international women’s day!

Women’s day is a celebration of respect and appreciation towards all women around the world. It’s an exciting time in history with women growing by leaps and bounds, taking on leadership positions and playing critical roles in the growth of companies, economies & nations, although there is still a long way to go until complete equality.

Women in technology - STEM highlights

  • One-third of women older than 35 are still in junior positions
  • GitHub: Code provided by females was accepted 78.6 % of the time — 4 % more than code written by men.
  • Women working in the computer and mathematical disciplines make 80 cents to the dollar that men gain for the same job.
  • Businesses led by women have performed three times better than those with male executives
  • In 2016 Almost 20 % of CS graduates at big universities were female.
  • Women own less than 10% of startups in the world.
  • Two women lead one of the biggest STEM companies – Facebook and IBM.
At Accelya, as a leading technology company, we are working towards making this change at our organization

Accelya highlights

  • 43% employees at Accelya are women
  • 50% of female employees are at staff and professional level
  • 30% of Leadership and Managerial roles are held by women

We are committed to creating an environment that further boosts the growth of our women force.

This year, we celebrated the International Women’s Day with special events planned across the day.

Accelya India Offices

  • All women employees were welcomed at the office, with a special gift.
  • Neela Bhattacherjee, Excom member and Head of Financial Solutions, spoke to the women about the importance of ‘taking care of yourselves.’
  • Women’s health is a priority! To this effect, we had doctors at our office locations to “Talk on breast cancer and cervical cancer.”

Accelya Madrid Office

  • The day started with a talk on the importance of the women’s day, why it is relevant and what it means for women in today’s times.
  • Women leaders at Accelya Madrid shared their inspirational stories about how they fulfilled their dreams – from then to now – and became what they really wanted to.